Support Service

Our systems are covered by support services:

  • Application service and technical support services (SLA).
  • Software and taxonomy update service.

The application support service, including the application service and technical support, provides comprehensive user service support.

With the helpdesk and application service, users receive comprehensive support covering operation, updating, and administration of the solution. The service includes the preparation of software updates, including functional extensions and bug fixes, to ensure the efficient operation of the system. It also involves regular software and taxonomy updates, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and developing modules for better application performance. Thanks to these services, the application is always up-to-date and functions smoothly.

The attention to high-quality service is appreciated by users who have benefited from technical support.

So far - each time the problem was solved, with great commitment and at an express pace.

Fast, reliable and comprehensive service. Thank you very much for your help and clarification of all issues.

The average rating of our support:
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