In addition to ready-made solutions for mandatory reporting, we also provide a range of additional services, such as the automation of reporting processes, customization of tools to meet the individual needs of organizations, development of dedicated solutions, database migration, system support services, and the organization of workshops and training sessions on product usage. This enables our clients to more effectively utilize available tools and receive comprehensive support in achieving their business goals.

Automation and Roboticization of Reporting Processes

We offer comprehensive automation of reporting processes, tailored to the unique needs of each financial institution. We focus on two key areas: delivering a complete ETL environment and (along with its orchestration) professional support services.

Complete ETL environment with orchestration

ETL - Our ETL platform enables seamless extraction of data from various sources, transformation into a unified format, and efficient loading into the target system. This ensures data consistency and eliminates errors arising from manual processes.

Process orchestration - We facilitate the automatic initiation, monitoring, and management of complex reporting processes, integrating their diverse stages to ensure a smooth flow of data.

Metadata management - We make it easier for clients to fully understand the structure and sources of data, enhancing the efficiency of reporting and data analysis.

Scalability and flexibility - Our technologies have been optimized to allow adaptation to the dynamic needs of financial institutions, making it easy to add new data sources and modify ETL processes based on requirements.

Professional services
We integrate advanced technologies with professional consultancy, creating a comprehensive solution tailored to the individual needs of financial institutions. This allows the client to focus on the strategic aspects of their business, ensuring that reporting processes are optimized, efficient, and compliant with the latest standards.

Business requirements analysis - we begin with a thorough analysis of business requirements to understand the specifics and goals of the financial institution. This phase enables us to customize the solution to the individual needs of the client.

Design and configuration - leveraging gathered data, we design and configure the ETL environment and orchestration processes, considering best practices and the unique characteristics of the client.

Implementation and testing - we conduct professional implementation of the solution, simultaneously ensuring precise testing at each stage. Our services also include training for client staff on handling new tools.

Optimization and enhancement - we monitor and optimize the performance of the environment, adjusting it to changing needs. Regular enhancements are introduced to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Post-implementation support - after deployment, we provide comprehensive technical support, resolving issues and addressing queries to ensure ongoing operational success.

Custom Software Development

As a software house specializing in fintech solutions for over 20 years, we provide programming services for the financial industry. We have unique knowledge, technical expertise, and experience in creating proprietary products for banking. Our expertise includes FinTech solutions such as Regulatory Compliance, Due Diligence, AML (KYC/KYP), and digital payments. We are also familiar with technologies used in the insurance sector, including AI & Machine Learning, Big Data, and cloud solutions.

Support services

With the support of the helpdesk and application service, users of our solutions receive comprehensive assistance in terms of operation, updates, and administration. Our service not only includes the creation of updated packages, including functional additions and bug fixes but also enables the continuous improvement of the system's performance. Furthermore, the software and taxonomy update service regularly adjusts the software to meet the requirements of the Supervisory Authority, develops modules, and optimizes their operation. This ensures that users can be confident that their application is always up-to-date and operates smoothly.

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Workshops and training

We are committed to ensuring that users derive satisfaction from working with our applications, fully exploit their functionality, and reduce the time and effort spent on reporting activities. For years, we have successfully conducted workshops, allowing you to familiarize yourself with our systems and the specialized features of the application.

Training is tailored for all user groups—both new users, just after the implementation of the aSISt application in the entity, before starting work with the application, and current users looking to deepen their knowledge and enhance their qualifications.

We invite:

  • New users, just after the implementation of the aSISt application in the entity, before starting work with the application.
  • New users getting to know the application in an environment using the system.
  • Current users interested in deepening their knowledge of specialized issues and functions in the application.

The scope and format of the workshops respond to current needs and are adjusted to the expectations of the participants. We emphasize the efficiency and practical dimension of the courses offered, so both the form and the training program are subject to regular evaluation and adjustments.

We ensure the effectiveness and comfort of the training:

  • Flexibly adjust dates to the needs of participants.
  • Conduct training in small groups.
  • Offer individual training.
  • Provide the opportunity to repeat training in a selected scope.
  • Modify the thematic scope according to individual customer needs.

Database migration

The multi-station version of the aSISt system is compatible with Oracle databases. In case there is a need to change the version of the database, our migration service is available, which includes:

  • Installing an instance of the database in the selected Oracle version in the environment, along with preparing the database schema for the aSISt application or migration work related to transferring an existing Oracle database to another server dedicated to the Oracle database.
  • Configuration and command-line commands of the operating system, through which the client can regularly perform backups of the Oracle database.

Upon successful completion of the data migration process, the Provider will provide the Bank with necessary information to configure the connection of the aSISt application with the migrated database.

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