Secure and convenient regulatory reporting

We deliver innovative solutions for mandatory reporting, streamline the reporting process, and enable financial institutions to meet regulatory requirements in accordance with the highest security standards.


We streamline the reporting process by providing advanced and secure systems for regulated financial institutions and supervisors.

As a leading provider of solutions for regulated reporting for banks and financial institutions in the European Union, our products are widely trusted due to their reliability and the highest security standards. Serving 100% of cooperative banks and 93% of all banks in Poland, as well as supervisory institutions, two central banks, and other regulated entities in the financial market in seven European countries.

Our solutions enable the automation of the reporting process, allowing financial institutions to adapt to growing regulatory requirements. As part of our SaaS service, we ensure full compliance with the latest supervisory guidelines, guaranteeing data accuracy and protection in accordance with the highest security standards.

We invest in technological development through strategic partnerships with leading cloud service providers, and our ISO 27001 certification attests to the highest standards of security and quality of our services.

Highest Security Standards

Ensuring confidentiality and security of data is one of the biggest challenges in the world of finance. That's why the security mechanisms in our products are based on standards and norms such as ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and CSA STAR. For security resource monitoring, we use SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools.

FINGO holds the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certificate and undergoes regular audits. For our clients, this is a clear indication that data is adequately protected, and we meet the highest legal and functional standards.

We enhance reporting comfort, ensuring safety and sustainable business development:

  • Improving the reporting process
  • Ensuring security and compliance
  • Supporting sustainable development (ESG)

User comfort

Developing our products, we listen to the opinions and feedback of our customers to provide the highest level of comfort to users.


Experience in regulatory reporting

Our experience in preparing reporting systems dates back to the beginnings of the XBRL standard in Poland. For almost 20- years, we have been growing and learning together with the industry.


Security and compliance

We pay special attention to security and compliance issues. Our solutions undergo cyclical testing and audits.


Customer care

At every stage of the sales and after-sales process, we ensure the highest standards of customer service. This is proven by the very high service ratings.


Latest technologies

We create our systems based on the latest technological solutions. Our products are constantly expanded and improved.

The eON system operates in the cloud, significantlyimproving operational efficiency and saving time on report preparation. Thissolution covers virtually 100% of the reporting directed to the National Bankof Poland (NBP) and the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG).

Kamil Pabich
Director of the Risk Department at the Cooperative Bank in Brodnica

We have been cooperating with FINGO (formerly GPM Systemy) since 2007, which means it has been exactly 16 years since the beginning of our collaboration. This partnership was initiated through the Associating Bank to fulfill obligations related to mandatory reporting sent by the bank to the Polish National Bank. We are very pleased with our long-standing relationship. I assess our cooperation as successful, and FINGO has proven to be an excellent business partner.

During these 16 years, we have had the opportunity to experience professionalism, commitment and high quality services from FINGO. The support and solutions provided were/are invaluable to the Bank, which contributes to the effective implementation of our tasks. The fact that many other banks also use FINGO services proves your reputation and position on the market. We believe that our cooperation will continue and we will still be able to rely on the competences and support of people employed at FINGO to achieve common goals and successes.

Wacław Wiewióra
Vice President for Economic Affairs at the Cooperative Bankin Limanowa

Financial World Understanding Technology Partner

FINGO is a technology company providing comprehensive IT services for the financial industry. We specialize in the development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems for banks, insurers, and large financial institutions.

We have been operating on the market since 2001. Meeting the needs of regulated financial institutions, we deliver innovative software solutions and proprietary systems for regulatory reporting in accordance with supervisory guidelines and the highest security standards.

Our team consists of almost 100 experienced specialists, software engineers, analysts, DevOps/SysOps specialists, and QA testers. We have extensive experience in collaborating with financial institutions, and we are well-versed in the applicable standards and regulations governing the industry. We are expanding our expertise in cloud infrastructure (certified Google Cloud and Microsoft partner), data engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to our rich experience, in-depth domain knowledge, and the ability to collaborate with both large corporations and rapidly growing startups, our solutions comply with prevailing regulations on the financial market and bring real value to our clients' businesses.

  • IT Services for the Financial Industry
    We specialize in delivering IT solutions for the financial industry with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and regulations faced by banks.
  • Regulatory Software
    Translating supervisory requirements into optimal technological solutions, we create highly efficient cloud and data-based software.
  • Highest Standards of Security and Quality
    As certified partners of leading cloud service providers, we create software in line with the highest standards of quality, security, and data transparency.

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