iON: precise register reporting in XML format

Create accurate register reports more easily. Work more efficiently with large volumes of data while ensuring security and full compliance with supervisory guidelines. Complete the entire reporting cycle, enhancing process efficiency through the automation of repetitive tasks.

Ensure efficiency, quality, and compliance in your register reports

iON is a modern system designed for comprehensive preparation of regulatory reports, based on processing large and detailed datasets. By leveraging advanced technologies and multi-stage validation mechanisms, the application enables the creation of complex reports, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in reporting processes, while ensuring security and compliance with regulations.

Precision and compliance

Utilize modern tools to ensure data accuracy and full compliance with current regulations.

More efficient reporting processes

Increase reporting efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating the risk of errors.

Highest security standards

Protect your data with advanced security mechanisms, compliant with the highest standards and ISO norms.

Quickly adapt to regulatory changes

Adapt flexibly to new regulations and growing regulatory requirements.

Simplify complex reporting

Working with large datasets can easily lead to errors, especially when creating complex reports where many data points are interconnected, calculated, and processed.

With iON's modern technological solutions, you get comprehensive support at every stage of the reporting cycle—from convenient data import to receipt of acknowledgment, all without needing additional tools.

The system guides your team step-by-step through the process of creating regulatory reports in accordance with current guidelines, ensuring data security and accuracy, regulatory compliance, and facilitating submission, receipt of feedback, and any necessary corrections.

Reporting supported by iON:


Optimize your register reporting

Greater reporting efficiency

Speed ​​up the creation of reports by robotizing repetitive tasks.

Compliance with current requirements

Create reports verified in terms of current supervisory requirements.

Quality and precision

Increase precision with multi-step validation mechanisms.

Convenient data supply

Import data directly from database, CSV or tabular files.

Direct communication with the regulator

Direct correspondence with the supervisor.

Comprehensive support services

Receive comprehensive support at every stage of implementation and use.

Key features

Data conversion mechanisms via ETL process

Flexibly transform data into the required structure while maintaining a history of modifications.

Automation of the reporting process

Automate every stage of report preparation: from data sourcing, processing, target report generation, validation, to submission.

Validation of report accuracy

Built-in validation against the XSD schema and a comprehensive business rules validation module ensure the report's compliance with regulatory requirements.

Event logging

Recording the history of report creation and processing stages allows for tracking changes and auditing the process.

Versioning of report instances

Facilitates handling corrections by allowing users to save successive versions of created documents and add information about changes made.

Encryption and qualified e-signature support

Using a qualified electronic signature in reports requiring authorization enables the entire reporting process, from creation to submission, within a single tool.

We have been working with FINGO in the area of banking reporting for many years. We implemented the iON application, which not only correctly fulfills the reporting obligations for CESOP but has also been customized by the provider to meet our specific needs for handling reporting across approximately 170 cooperative banks in a single application installation.

Łukasz Majer
Director of the Accounting and Reporting Department at SGB

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Jakub Rupik
Head of Professional Services at FINGO

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