eON – reporting in the Cloud

eON is the cloud-based successor of aSISt – an advanced system for mandatory reporting, in which several validation mechanisms ensure data quality. They are protected thanks to mechanisms based on many security standards and norms, and the workspace can beflexibly configured. All this makes working with the system comfortable and safe.

Reporting supported by eON:

Critical Functions
Funding Plans

Comfort thanks to technology

eON is a system operating in the Cloud, thanks to which it is always immediately ready for action. It does not require any installation or configuration, and any update changes to the application and taxonomy take place automatically outside the hours of system use. To start working, all you need is basic equipment with Internet access, which makes it easy to switch between devices and maintain business continuity even in crisis situations.

The application has been prepared in such a way as to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort of work. The layout of the interface is based on proven solutions known from aSISt, enriched with the ability to flexibly configure the workspace, allowing the user to adjust the screen to their own work methodology.

The system supports the correctness of the entire reporting cycle through the use of several validation mechanisms - present at various stages of report preparation. The tool enables work sharing, which means that at the same time, users can work in different tables of the same report and preview changes in real time. In addition, the reporting process can be automated, which will reduce the time required to work on the report.

Security and compliance

In Cloud systems, the basic necessity is to care for data security, which is why the eON system has security mechanisms based on the standards and norms ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and CSA STAR. eON has successfully passed security audits, and maintaining the highest level is guaranteed by cyclical tests of processes and procedures, risk analyses, as well as internal and external audits. The system automatically blocks unauthorized access, and all data is encrypted and protected against unexpected loss. In addition, eON is fully compliant with the requirements of Supervisors and all regulations and requirements imposed on the financial industry. It meets the restrictive requirements of the Communiqué of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and all the guidelines contained in Recommendation D.

High efficiency

eON is the perfect tool for those looking for flexibility and cost efficiency. In the cloud system, the technical infrastructure is on the supplier's side, which means that basic equipment with Internet access is sufficient for efficient work, and the implementation of the application involves the minimal involvement of IT specialists.

eON, in the form of a SaaS service, allows you to reduce your licensing costs and adjust the number of users to current needs. Thanks to this approach, the fees are predictable and transparent, and total costs are minimized.

Modern life places particular demands on us in terms of work efficiency and flexibility, comfort and safety. We are proud to introduce a tool that combines these features and much more.

New reporting comfort

eON is a new generation solution for mandatory reporting.

It enables theimmediate use of efficient software, without the need to implement, configure and maintain the infrastructure on the side of the bank.

·      Savings
·      Implementation, configuration and maintenance of infrastructure on thesupplier's side
·       Security
·       The highest quality Information Security Management System·       Convenience
·      Browser-based, intuitive and highly efficient software
·      Availability
·      An advanced reporting tool, available immediately without installation

The successor to aSISt in the Cloud

The eON system is a response to the needs of banking, which combines modern solutions while at the same time maintaining data security. It provides comfort by being able to work from anywhere. Intuitive operation of the application means that work is more efficient and pleasant.

More benefits

Reporting in the SaaS model offers even more benefits:

·      the possibility ofsharing access with an associate to a specific report (down to a specific cellin the report), including verification of authorisations
·      modern mechanisms for maintaining user sessions ensuring system and data security
·      real-time data validation, significantly simplifying the report reconciliation process
·      comprehensive verification of the correctness and consistency of data with the applicabletaxonomy, which is particularly important from the perspective of the Supervisor and effective reporting
·      generation of correctand compliant reports, ready to be sent to Supervisors
·      full auditability ofall data-related activities.

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